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Biomass Evaluation in Central Macedonia

This work aims to identify the potential biomass resources produced in the area of the Central Macedonia Region, in Northern Greece, in order to contribute to the efforts to achieve national targets for renewable energy sources. Specific objectives included the evaluation of the biomass amounts in each regional unit, the measurement of their characteristics and properties, and the investigation of their utilization potential. According to this survey, a total of 1.33 million tonnes of fresh biomass residues are produced in the Greek Central Macedonia Region. The utilization potential of available biomass resources may be evaluated according to the quality characteristics of the various types of biomass based on the results of laboratory tests and classified in the following ranking in descending order: peach and olive stone, cotton residues, almond shell, olive cake, pressed grape skins, peach pulp and peach and potato peels. The residues from oil production and cotton mill residues are of high importance. Agricultural residues remaining in the farming areas, such as olive and peach branches, represent another challenging biomass source. Furthermore, according to the survey for each regional unit, there is a significant number of biomass types that could be utilized, after appropriate management. An efficient management plan should be based on the use of biomass resources with a regular production regime over the year, such as manure or potato residues, combined with or supported by the sequential use of various other residues produced through the year, on a temporary basis. Thus the presence of different types of biomass resources in the specific area, with seasonal variability, could justify the continuous availability of raw materials all year round.

Publication: Α. Maragkaki, T. Kotrotsios, P. Samaras, A. Manou, K. Lasaridi & T. Manios (2015). Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Biomass from Agro-industrial Processes in the Central Macedonia Region, Greece. Waste and Biomass Valorization. DOI 10.1007/s12649-015-9448-2.

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